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Introducing "Dental Radiographs Made Easy" - a comprehensive booklet designed to help you and your team get better dental X rays with ease! If you've ever struggled to get good dental X rays or are new to using a dental X ray system, this booklet is the perfect resource for you. With easy-to-understand language, helpful pictures, and bullet points, you'll learn tips and tricks for getting the perfect shot every time.

Gone are the days of feeling intimidated by the bisecting angle technique or unsure of how to position the animal or sensor correctly. With "Dental Radiographs Made Easy," you'll gain the confidence to take diagnostic X rays that accurately show one to two millimeters of bone around the apex of the root and the level of the alveolar bone. You'll learn how to use the angles on your X ray machine to get the perfect shot without any guesswork.

This booklet is a must-have for any dental clinic looking to improve their X ray techniques. Plus, it comes with a handy hook that can hang right next to your dental X ray system for easy reference. Don't let fear hold you back from using this valuable tool - order "Dental Radiographs Made Easy" today and start taking better X rays in no time!


Price includes shipping. Books will be shipped within 3 business days of order via USPS Priority. 

Dental Rads Made Easy Reference Guide

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