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The Complete Plan For The
Periodontal Patient

4 hours of RACE Approved CE for Veterinarians & Veterinary Technicians

About This Course

This training session will be a combination of lecture and hands-on training that will include a review of oral anatomy and charting, common oral pathology, steps to the dental cleaning procedures.

Basic dental anatomy of both canine and feline patients. This will include tooth identification in each species as well as the specific anatomical structures of the tooth and the periodontium. The participants will learn how to properly conduct both a conscious and through anesthetized oral examination on the dog and cat. The dental indices will be discussed and how each indice should be evaluated and recorded on the dental chart.

Recognized abnormal anatomy and pathology in companion animals. This will include but is not limited to periodontal disease, oral masses, malocclusions, tooth resorption, gingivostomatitis.

Learn how to perform a safe and effective dental cleaning procedure on both species. They will learn how to properly scale and polish, perform subgingival scaling and curettage and use a variety of perioceutic therapies for the treatment of periodontal disease.
This hands-on wet lab will allow the participants to practice what they have learned in the lecture portion of the training session.

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